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CE marking for fire rated Tané doors

On the 01st of September 2019, the CE marking for fire-resistant doors came into force in Europe and became mandatory for industrial fire rated doors and gates according to EN 16034 norm.


This directive was created to harmonize the previously used "national standards" in a single European legislation and regulation and thus better regulate and stimulate free trade within Europe.


Since 01/01/21, Tané Hermetic has completed the entire study, testing, re-evaluation and updating process for each commercialized fire rated door model and all documentation and technical reports for all models have been updated. As a result, all Tané fire rated doors are now CE marked.


To obtain this CE certification, previous test reports were revalidated, and new fire resistance tests were carried out, all tested in accordance with the EN1634-1 test procedure.


In addition, several certificate extensions (EXAP) were obtained, which allow increasing the field of application of said certificates, both in dimensions and in finishes and accessories.


According to the standard, the performance evaluation and verification system is a System 1, which means that the Certification must be carried out by a notified certification body, and includes an Initial Type Test (ITT), sampling of production, Factory Production Control (FPC), and complementary inspections and annual audits of the production control management system.


With the CE marking, our company therefore indicates that our products comply with all legal requirements in the field of safety, health and the environment


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