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Freezer doors with thermal resistance regulator

With the aim of contributing more to the sustainability and energy savings of its doors, since the beginning of 2019 Tané Hermetic has started equipping its cold storage freezer and deep-freezing doors with a device which regulates the thermal resistance of the frame.


The TH-RRT system is designed to automatically regulate the thermal power of the frame resistance in real time so that it does not generate ice on the frame and adapts itself directly to temperature variations when doors are opened.


In this way, unnecessarily use or overheating of the resistance is also avoided if the cold of the chamber has been deactivated, thus maximizing its useful life.


In practical tests, it was found that the energy saving of the energy consumed by the resistance of the refrigerator door can be up to 70% depending on the use of the door, with a return on investment in less than a year.


This device comes standard installed and pre-programmed on the top range freezer doors (M3P, M2P models and THC EI Fire rated freezer doors), but will also be optionally available on all Tané freezer doors (hinged, sliding or vertical doors).

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