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Tané doors in the isolation rooms for contagious diseases



In response to the Ebola cases in 2014 and to be better prepared for possible future health crises, Madrid (Spain) opened 2 new sections of quarantine rooms prepared to host infectious patients (due to Ebola virus, anthrax, coronavirus, Asian pneumonia, H5N1 avian influenza, etc ...).

These two new isolation units for contagious diseases were installed in the “Gómez Ulla” military hospital and the "La Paz - Carlos III" hospital and are unique in Europe at the level of design, control and safety.

Both facilities are equipped with Tané hermetic doors inside both the isolation zones and the airlocks and were installed and automated in collaboration with a local partner.


See what's new:
- Quarantine room doors
- Flush swing doors

Flush glazed doors
- Pass box
Flush pneumatic seal door

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