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Terms of use - online webshop

General sales terms and conditions – online shopping:

The general contracting conditions of Tané Hermetic, S.L.'s online sales channel regulate the use of the promotions and the online web shop sections of the website www.tanehermetic.co.uk and will form part of the budget sent by said website.

The customer is recommended to read the general conditions of the online sales portal before proceeding to make his purchase.

Tané Hermetic, S.L. reserves the right to make changes or modifications without prior notice in the technical, construction or design specifications of the doors if it considers that it represents an improvement in the product. Likewise, it reserves the right to update the list and prices of the doors in the promotion section, as well as the prices of the products in the online store, just by updating them on the website.

Customer registration and order fulfilment:

Private clients or companies can register on the web through the registration area.

For this, it will be necessary to enter an email, a password and the creation of a customer account with all the indicated data (name and surname, ID, delivery address, billing address if different from the delivery address, contact phone and email). Customer data and order data will be stored for future orders.

The sale will be considered concluded when Tané Hermetic, S.L. confirms the order by email to the customer. The order confirmation will be made within 1 to 2 business days from the order registration. In case of not receiving the confirmation email, the customer is kindly requested to contact the firm by email at webshop@tanehermetic.com or by phone at +34 972 29.09.77

Shortly after the confirmation of the order, Tané Hermetic, S.L. will electronically send a technical drawing reflecting the critical dimensions required at the site and the dimensions of the contracted door. Without response within 24 hours by the client, the drawing will be considered as validated and the door will be automatically released to start its production. Be informed that any subsequent change in the confirmed order may result in additional costs for the customer and can cause delays in the delivery of the contracted materials or services.

Prices and payment method:

The prices indicated on the website are net prices in euros without VAT, without transport and are prices valid on the date of the order.

For private customers, the price will be increased with the applicable VAT rate according to current Spanish legislation (21%) at the time of purchase.

The means of payment accepted by our website will be direct payment through bank transfer.

The order will be processed once we receive the payment of the total amount of the transaction. To speed up the process, you can send a copy of the transfer issued by the bank to our email webshop@tanehermetic.com. The omission of sending the bank receipt may delay delivery. Please indicate the order number or order details in the concept of your bank transfer.

Delivery time:

An indicative delivery period is stipulated upon receipt of the order and acceptance of the technical drawings sent by the technical department.


The indicated prices on our website are net prices, without transport FCA E-17813 La Vall de Bianya - Incoterm 2020 within Europe, EXW (ex works) E-17813 La Vall de Bianya - Incoterm 2020 for foreign countries outside Europe and include standard protective packaging for transportation by road.

Consult our customer service department to obtain a quote for special packaging such as wooden boxes for maritime transport, packaging with phytosanitary treatment NIMF15, etc ... inclouen un embalatge de protecció estàndard per a transport terrestre.

Collection under FCA term must be carried out by transport in a closed truck or platform, protected from bad weather and with the accompanying documentation in order. Our staff will assist with loading, but final placement and fixing of the goods is for the responsibility of the customer / carrier....

Whenever the client does not designate or dispose of the necessary means of transport for the shipment of the doors until the construction site, Tané Hermetic, S.L., will hire in his name, the services of a carrier that is responsible for said shipment, without being responsible for the damages that the merchandise may suffer during the transport or the amount thereof, which will be entirely assumed by the customer.

The latter is the only one qualified to make observations in case of finding damages or losses in the sent merchandise and therefore must mention it immediately on the transport delivery receipt. It is mandatory to inform us and confirm it to the carrier within 3 days after delivery. Otherwise, restitution of remanufactured products will be paid by the customer.

The unloading of the material on site, including the possible rental of handling equipment necessary for the unloading and the horizontal transport till the fitting area, will be the responsibility of the customer.

Consult our commercial department to obtain an optimized transport quote in case of various types of doors and for deliveries outside mainland Spain.

Guarantee Statement:

We guarantee that the products supplied by the company when properly used and maintained and if properly assembled and installed, will be free from defects in material and workmanship under normal use for a period as mentioned below:

  • Constructive parts of the door as: tracks, fixings, wall frames, door blades: 24 months
  • All the moving parts that are subject to normal wear and tear due to door operation, such as top rollers, handles, bottom guide rollers and the rubber sealing gaskets: 6 months
  • The electric parts, switches, photocells and operator: 24 months

The guarantee period will start after the date of expedition of the product to the client. Tané Hermetic, S.L.’s obligation and the client’s exclusive remedy under this guarantee shall be limited to repair or replacement of the part, parts or product which prove defective within the warranty period; provided that the client gives notice of any claimed defect immediately after such defect is first discovered and satisfactory proof thereof. Transportation charges and duties shall be borne by Tané Hermetic, S.L. The client shall pay for the cost of labour associated with installation of replacement parts, unless explicitly otherwise agreed and accepted by the firm..

The guarantee claim will not be accepted if:

  • The claim is caused due to bad handling during the unloading or installation of the goods at the installation site.
  • The claim is caused by unprofessional use of the doors, or due to deteriorations, accidents, or defects caused by a use of the doors for purposes other than those for which Tané Hermetic, S.L. designed and constructed them for.
  • The claim is caused by negligence, or any unprofessional, unfinished or insufficient installation, operation or maintenance of the product, which does not conform to the requirements set forth by Tané Hermetic, S.L. in the applicable Owner’s Manual or if it is the result of any cause other than a defect in the material or workmanship of the product.

Customer Support:

You can contact the following media for any questions about the products displayed in the online store:

Proper law and jurisdiction:

Both parties expressly submit to the jurisdiction of the Judges and Courts of Olot in case of dispute arising from this contract.







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